Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

3 killer ways to make money online in 2018 [anyone can do]

3 killer ways to make money online in 2018 [anyone can do]

Chapter II

How you can make money online in the comfort of your own home.

Make money by having a blog YouTube or e-book

Fellow Millennials

                    Make money online

Yes, it’s easier now than ever for you to make money online. Ask yourselves what

would you do if the internet decided to pack up its bags and go to another universe? Me…

I would probably go with it. I say all this to say we spend countless hours on the internet watching videos,

reading romance and sci-fi as well as blogs but what if you weren’t just reading or watching what if

you were actually creating content and making money from it?  

Welcome back to another week of Mediocre to Mogul,  I hope you’re having a good day. Let’s get into it.


The internet is filled with many LEGITIMATE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY and here are the three that we are all familiar with:

Make Money online by:

Blog, Blogging, Blogger

YES!! Start a blog!

Make money online by creating a blog, a YouTube channel or by making a profitable e-book

Source of picture

A blog is a medium of continuously sharing your thoughts ideas and experiences to inform and help people.

A blog can be a great source of income for teenagers with minimal bills or no bills at all. The money earned from starting a blog can enable you to build a foundation for college or enable you to start your business.

A blog is not expensive to start up, however, it requires a lot of work and continuous ingenuity and consistency. Not to mention the added skills you will earn from creating your blog and marketing it. Never doubt the impact your thoughts and experiences can have on someone else’s life. 

Who are some blog moguls?

Arianna Huffington Was able to sell her blog Huffington post  for 315 million dollars 

Peter Rojas-Gizmodo

Pete Cashmore-Mashable

All these blogs are now businesses and brands that are raking in millions of dollars a month. To find out more about these successful blogs and others you can visit Forbes.


From my personal experience, here are the upsides and downsides of owning a blog:


  • You can provide valuable content to persons who need it.
  • You Can earn money
  • Not costly to set up (depending on the platforms you use and your current state of finance).
  • You garner design and site building skills.


  • There is a lot more to it than it seems.
  • Lots of hours watching YouTube videos to learn how to build your sight but hey we generally watch youtube videos pointlessly so why not do it to learn something of value.

How do they make money online?

Bloggers earn money not by literally writing a post but by a host of other mediums such as:

  • Adds
  • Affiliate links (advertise other companies’ products on your site)
  • Sponsorships
  • Selling their own products
  • Providing Freelance services
  • Selling e-books or online courses to their subscribers


How can you get started:

There were a lot of videos I watched to know how to get started on making a blog

and here are the ones I thought were really great because they were easy to follow and understand.

Tyler moor 

Website learners 

Note ..When you are applying for web hosting some sites will want $ 200 USD

(the cost of whatever you have purchased could add up to $200 a little less or even way more)

upfront but if you’re like me you will probably be wondering where am I supposed to get $ 200 from.

Knowing me, I did not stop until I found a cheaper negotiable option….drumroll…Godaddy.

I am hosted by Godaddy and I only paid $12 USD for my hosting plan for an entire year and $1.17 USD dollars for my domain name.

So if you want to know more about how I blog on a 20 dollar budget you can get my newsletter that details my blogging frugality.

What can you blog about?

Make money online by blogging, youtube or creating a profitable ebook

Make money online by blogging, Youtube or by creating a profitable e-book



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Why not?

Make money online by starting a youtube channel blogging and a profitable ebook

Source of  photo

For a long time, you want to own your own YouTube channel because you feel like

there is something you can offer to people, you are passionate about it but then that limiting side of your brain takes control

Make money online by youtube blogging ebbok



YouTube is a great way to make  money online. It is a broad medium that supplies

us with immediate entertainment, facts and ideas. 300 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded on

YouTube every minute and you can be a part of that statistics source.

Yes you may be shy, yes you may lack quality lighting and a good quality camera

but who cares? go on any popular and YouTubers page and take a good look at

their very first YouTube video, the lighting wasn’t the best the camera quality was kinda

crappy but through consistency, hard work and determination they built their YouTube empire

and are now able to have any camera they want and the best lighting money can buy,

some even have their own YouTube ROOMS in their houses that they create videos from.

As of this moment, you may only have an old I phone 3, an old laptop and crappy

internet speed but believe me, you have enough to make this work.

How do they make money online?

  • Adds
  • Sponsorships


So who are some YouTube moguls?

  • Pewdiepie
  • Superwoman
  • KSI
  • Jenna Marbles

YouTube is a great way to share your skill set, knowledge, humour and talent with a wide audience of people.

YouTube is a platform that can open up many opportunities for you if you go about it correctly.

For example, Lily Singh The owner of the YouTube channel Superwoman was able to be featured in movies such as “Dr Cabbie” and “Bad moms.”

In addition, she was also able to write her first book “How to be a Bawse.”

Therefore, my advice to all you out there is to simply go for it, let this be the

year you do something that has the potential to change your life. 


How to get started?

Heres one video explaining how to start a youtube channel


What can you create videos about?

Make money on online by youtube blogging ebook

Make money online with youtube blogging ebook



Fun fact:

Ebook stands for an Electronic book!! Mindblown!

crazy right

Make money online with Youtube blogging ebook

 Source of photo 

E-books (Electronic books) are a very profitable way of sharing your creative intellect.

If you are someone who loves to write and creates stories poems, etc. why not create an e-book?

Why not turn your passion into profits? 

Its surprisingly simple to start and when you’re a successful writer you don’t have

to stop there you can build an e-book empire and create a business where you

offer a medium where people can design and create their e-book you provide proofreading services

illustrating services, etc. if you are interested in creating and selling your very own e-book

here’s video on how to create an and sell your e-book


If you don’t want to dive into the immediate

selling of your books but would much rather build support and a following then Wattpad would be a great

platform that has the potential to expose you to a wide audience of people

from all around the world. In the event,  are ready to sell your books you would have had gained followers

who are willing to purchase it.

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Who are some Ebook Moguls:

Amanda Hocking –“My blood approves”

Rob Dirks – “Where the hell is Tesla?”

E.L James – “Fifty Shades of Grey”

These are a few of the e-book writers who made it big with their stories and so can you. Source.

If you wanna know the genres of books that are largely preferred head on over to Fwj freelance writing jobs where it is well detailed. 


Thank you guys and gals for reading this post on how to make money online

and until next time continueb profiting from your passion. Oh and don’t forget subscribe to

my blog for updates, motivation, printables and much more. If you haven’t already please be sure to

share this post with everyone on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and even in your

Whatsapp messenger so even they too can journey from Mediocre to Mogul.  Until next week, Kwaheri!


Make Money as a teen

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