Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

5 incredible and really simple ways teens can make money now

5 incredible and really simple ways teens can make money now

Chapter I

Make Money

Baby Sitting

If you want to make more money and you know you are a responsible person who

is good with children you can definitely start a simple babysitting service in your

community or even in your household especially if you have an extended family with a lot of babies.

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 What you do is

Let everyone in your household know that you are open to babysitting but you have to get paid.

Based on the circumstance you can decide how much you charge. Then if your first time is successful

you can tell your family to start suggesting you to other people. Remember to market yourself,

therefore take every opportunity to let people know that you are the best babysitter they will come across in a 100-mile radius.

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There are better ways of marketing yourself, one of those ways is no doubt social media ..

You can create an Instagram page dedicated to your service where you show pics (with the parents’ permission of course)

of yourself babysitting and having fun with the kids that you are babysitting and detail the services you offer etc. etc.

For more info on how to babysit check out this link below detailing just that


Dog walking service

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If you don’t mind occasionally cleaning up some dog poop then this is the job for you!

If you live in an area where people have domesticated dogs then you can certainly start a dog walking service.

Here is how to start.

If you know your next door neighbour has a friendly dog who just wants to go outside and take a stroll around the block, you knock on their door and say

“Good day, my names is Andy, I’m a dog walker. I would love to walk your dog around the neighbourhood or in the park for only $5.”

Car Wash

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Car washing is a great and simple way of making extra cash. Whats even more amazing is that anyone can do it.

So if your parents or neighbour has a car but doesn’t have the time to clean it,

you can offer up your services and charge a small fee to get the job done.


Become a tutor

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If you are academically inclined or you have a particular skill (You know how to play the

piano or other instruments, you’re good at football/soccer or any other sporting activity) you can charge

a fee to teach people what you know. Currently, I’m a tutor, I teach math to students who are struggling and their

parents pay me …so yeah. The good way to market yourself as a teacher is via word of mouth. Therefore, start by telling people what your abilities

are and what you can do for them or their child.


Baking Service

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You can start your very own baking service, Yeah who doesn’t like baked goods? If you have a passion for baking

then this is definitely the option for you. It’s better to start off small and build experience .

Use every opportunity to promote your service and to earn a profit.

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These aren’t half of the things that as teens you can do to start making money If you want to see more don’t miss next weeks post. If you found this post useful and it has inspired you to start creating wealth then be sure to share the post with as many people as possible so they too can start creating wealth.

Thank you so much for making it mediocre to mogul join me here next week for a new blog post. Oh and don’t forget to continue turning your passion into profits. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog where you will receive updates and so much more!  Vaarwel (Goodbye in dutch)!.



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