Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

Can our goals be whats holding us back

Can our goals be whats holding us back

Conquer your goals



We all love to set goals because they inspire us to want to be something more but I believe our goals can make us do less sometimes.

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It just so happens that whenever I set a goal it’s always a huge or ginormous thing that requires me

to get over a mental or emotional roadblock in order to achieve it. But often times when we set a

goal we don’t know what to do afterwards.  When we finally make some plans to get it done we start

going all over the place. Setting a goal is the easy part but acting on it… whole other story.


Some of us (I’m talking about myself here) even give up on our goals because the whole process of achieving

it becomes so discombobulating (I hope that’s how you spell it).

 Can you relate

There are days where you wake up and just feel so detached from life, and your

goals and dreams seem so far fetched.

Your just afraid to take a risk because you’re afraid to fail.

Welp, I know those emotions all too well.

I mean all you ever want is just something that offers a bit of direction.

So don’t you wish there was something you had that could make this a lot easier … I’m just saying.

Well, guess what, you know what don’t, bother guessing, I’m just gonna tell you about it, u knuh.

It’s the slay your goals, planner… This is a guide that details all the stages of planning a goal.

From conceptualizing to fruition. AND most amazingly, you get tips and tricks on how to get out

of your comfort zone and do something to bring you closer to your conquering your goals.


I definitely love this planner (not because I’m affiliated with it) but because it cemented the fact

that it’s ok to fail and try again, that’s a part of the process. So now I am not as scared to take a

risk because of my fear of failure. I am a lot more open to trying new things and failing the

first …second….third …fourth …fifth and maybe even sixth time around. It offered me direction,

which was ultimately lacking in my pursuit of my goals.

If you’re interested in getting this planner for yourself, you can get yours here.


“OH but what if I don’t know how to set goals overall”

“Pshhhht … everyone knows how to set goals c’mon”

“No, no I don’t”

“Oh well, I guess you can get the free what should your goals be guide  here”

Thank you for making it MEDIOCRETOMOGUL.COM. I really hope you enjoy this post, seriously. AND I really hope you get your very own slay your goals planner. It will definitely offer you some direction and end your stagnancy and make you more clear on how to conquer your goals. Once again thank you for reading this post. Adios


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