Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

Get back in the blogging groove, blog again

Get back in the blogging groove, blog again

Chapter VIII


Blog again


Hey! how ya doing I’m doing great ………….just great.
Today we are about how to get back into the blogging saddle

So its no surprise I have been MIA from blogging for about a good 2 months now.

One month I was going hard on blogging the next I had no passion for it at all.

Why did my spirits drop so much in just the time span of a month you ask..well let me tell you:

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Let’s get into it.

                   Blog Again

1. Seeking fast success

Boy, let me tell you, wanting fast success is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself when you are trying to make a business.

Everything takes time and goes through stages.

Therefore, to want to start something and instantly want to achieve success from it is as pointless as it is stupid…


  And that’s what I did.


I wanted to achieve instant success from my blog and when I wasn’t achieving that at the pace I wanted to, I became sad and lost faith in my blog.


Expecting your journey to be the same as the people you read about

I admit I am that type of person. The minute I read about someone being successful at

blogging I become overly optimistic and dogmatic about the reality of how that person actually got to where they are.

And instantly I start expecting the same results from my blog.  When my blog simply fails to deliver, I get disappointed.

Therefore, be realistic about your journey and your timeline. Nobody in this blogging community has had instant success.

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They might show us their success but they have had to get out of their comfort zones and work really hard behind the scenes every single day.

So don’t expect someone’s journey to be yours too. #UNREALISTIC

Blog Again

Don’t expect instant success


This is crucial don’t base your purpose on instant success. This is what I did. Acknowledge that this takes time ok… because it really does.

  Blog Again

Find key things to motivate you

Yes, motivation can be garbage sometimes but hey we need it. We need to stay purpose-filled and driven in all our pursuits.

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KNow this !!!

One failed strategy doesn’t equate to total failure and it doesn’t mean that you should stop.

Never stop pursuing your passion. Take a mental break every now and then but never stop.n enormous breakthrough.

The lovely diagram I have drawn below explains this concept. ENJOY.

2 other key factors to  help you get back in the saddle:

  • Take care of your body. 
  • Feed your brain by reading.
  • Don’t only work on the days you feel like it.e


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Let’s get back to it


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That’s it for me guys. I’m slowly coming out of this mental rut and I strongly hope that what I’m doing helps other bloggers and anyone else to come out of their mental rut too and start to blog again. See you next time, adjo.



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