Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

5 incredible ways for you to get over fear [slay your dreams]

5 incredible ways for you to get over fear [slay your dreams]


Chapter IV

Get over fear and slay your dreams

It’s time to get over our fears and start doing the things that we wanna do.

We all like to dream and fantasize about a desire or a goal but we let so many things hold us back.

Welcome back to another week of Mediocre to Mogul and this week we will get over our fears and start slaying our dreams.

Let’s get into it.


“What’s changed my life is waking up and realizing that motivation is garbage.

I’m never gonna feel like doing the things that are tough or difficult or uncertain or scary or new so I need to stop waiting till I feel like it…” Mel Robbins


This year I gave myself a small challenge; to do all the things I want to do this year. It’s a very small challenge.

What makes this very difficult is that I get fearful easily, raise your hand if that’s you too.

When you get frightened of something very easily it becomes easy to be inconsistent and inconsistency is the downfall of progress.


1. Stop thinking.

Get over fear

“What the heck?  Stop thinking?  is she crazy?  is that even possible?  You know what I’m leaving”… wait, hold on before you leave, let me explain:


We’ve all experienced this when we are about to do something completely out of our comfort zone all of a sudden we become fearful and start pondering the ‘what ifs,’.

“What if this happens”

“what if that happens”

“what if that doesn’t happen.”

and it goes on and on. That’s where “stop thinking” comes in.

The moment you start feeling fear just tell your mind to shut up and start acting.

Do something whether it’s a small or large action, do something, act on whatever it is you want to do.

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It’s not always easy to have complete courage and belief in yourself. when you are doing something

out of the norm, our subconscious is fearful because

we are putting ourselves out there for disappointment and to be judged.

To overcome this just always remember why you are doing that thing. Let the result you want, be the motivation you need.

For example, a person who is trying to lose weight Isn’t really exercising because

they like to lift weights, sweat, and strain every muscle in their body. They are doing it

because they want to be in awe of the person they are and they understand that in order to do

that they have to take themselves away from being in a position of comfort to being uncomfortable.

Therefore,  always remember the reason you are doing something and that will take you through the

moments where you don’t want to be doing it or wanting to give up on it.

*Small hack

Draw a picture of the thing you want to accomplish or acquire and hang it up on your wall or on your door. Put it somewhere that’s hard to ignore.

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2. Stop doubting yourself

Get over fear

I know in every self-help book they say this but it’s really true.

You deserve what you desire, you deserve every ounce of the future you plan for yourself so chase it!

I was watching this video a couple months ago and in it, the speaker said if you have a desire in you

for something that means it’s yours, it’s in the universe for you.

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This means that if you have a passion for something, you have the resources in

you to make it happen, why else would you desire it if you can’t produce the fruits of it.

You understand what I’m saying?


3. Give your dreams a chance

Get over fear

We make a lot of excuses to not do the things we want to do:

‘I’m too busy’,

‘It’s not realistic,’

‘Nobody would ever want to buy that,

‘It’s too difficult to make,’

‘I don’t have all the right equipment.’

Those are just a few of the excuses we feed ourselves with on a regular basis to not to put our dreams,

or goals into motion. If you are familiar with the phrase you are what you eat then you know over time

you become colossal of all your limiting excuses. The worst part of that is,  we actually believe our excuses,

we think they are true… but are they really?  Dare  yourself to try

“The problem with fear is that it lies” – Will Smith

Listen to this spectacular talk by Will Smith on boldly confronting fear.

4. Stop being afraid of your success

Get over fear

  “Really? who would be afraid of being successful? Who?”

Well I was once afraid of being successful and at times I still hold that fear,

I also know I am not the only person in this world with thoughts and emotions so other persons may have that fear as well.

If you do, don’t be afraid.

Being fearful of success is being afraid of putting yourself out there to achieve your

goals because the outcome is very uncertain. Pushing and sacrificing too much of what is

comfortable to try to achieve something that isn’t guaranteed.

That’s frightening because you are leaving your comfort zone, a place of’s our jumping of off a

cliff and you don’t know how far the landing is so that’s frightening. That’s what the prospect of going after

success feels like, frightening because of how uncertain it is at times but you can’t let that cliff stop you.

Thus, whatever it is that you want to get accomplished this year, take that leap.

“What’s changed my life is waking up and realizing that motivation is garbage. I’m never gonna

feel like doing the things that are tough or difficult or uncertain or scary or new so I need to stop waiting till I feel like it…” Mel Robbins

If you find yourself having any of these issues that are holding you back listen to the genius Mel Robbins

as she explains her game-changing concepts, the 5-second rule. This is bound to change your life.

Small hacks for improvement



  • Get a journal

Journalizing is what has really helped me to have the confidence to start a blog.

How I journalized is that I write down the one thing that I want to do.

I write down all the reasons that are stopping me from doing it. All the complicated

thoughts emotions and feelings that are roadblocks. Sometimes it’s like 3-4 pages of purely

whats in my mind. After you have done this, start working on your goal.

Then when you start feeling complicated emotions like low self-esteem, self-doubt unworthy go back to that journal entry prior to you starting.

Read it through and just realize how far you have come from that point to this point and appreciate that.

Next, write down these new roadblock emotions.

keep working on your goal and then the next time you feel a new set of roadblock emotions read your previous ones.

Then try to realize how far you have grown and written down these newer ones.

Rinse and repeat this process for as long as you like.

Lastly, after a couple months of doing this whole process go back to the journal and study any trends you see.

For example here’s a small snippet:

March 1, 2018, Sunday

Dear journal, today isn’t really good for me, I don’t know why I just woke up so depressed.

Maybe it was because of pat, my next door neighbour 3 doors down called me worthless. Am I a worthless person?

I don’t think so. but when he said it instantly hurt my feelings.

Why would he call me that? Now I don’t feel like going to work because maybe my boss feels

like I am worthless too and is probably thinking about firing me. Could you imagine how painful it would be if I got fired?

 Maybe I should give up on starting this business because who am I someone else can do it so much better

I barely have any resources.

April 16,2018 Tuesday 

Dear journal,

l yesterday was the launch of my business I am so excited about its future. However,

I am starting to feel like I am not good enough to own my own company, who am I. 

Yesterday I went to a meeting to talk about and I  saw guys dressed in expensive tuxedos

and women in designers and I felt so out of place here. I mean I can barely iron the creases out my

shirt much less to afford a designer shoe. Maybe my business is just a waste of time because I don’t belong here.

November 2, 2018

Dear journal, 

Business is booming. We are getting so many sales and clients its crazy.

I can’t believe people are actually buying my product wow.

My company has surpassed all its quotas for the year. 

Not to mention, next year is looking even more promising.

This was by no means taken from a real person’s journal. Only made up for the sole purpose of this article.

What do you think, should she have given up in April?

Use the journalizing method to identify any emotional trends.

Maybe there is this one person who is a setback in your life or maybe you’re holding yourself back.

Whichever way this method would be great to help you figure it out.

  • Make goals that anchor you to what you want to accomplish. Anchor goals are key if you really want to start something, stay consistent and be motivated throughout.
  • Find that one reason why you have to accomplish that specific thing and hang on to it like it’s your lifeline. That one golden reason could be that someone in your life depends on you or your health depends on you doing it. Whatever the reason is, let it be your constant motivation to keep pushing and keep going forward.




Authors note:  I am not a professional motivator ( that’s a thing), I’m just a girl who is deciding to go for it and these are just a few of the things I have encountered throughout this journey.

If you would like to start a blog but a bit hesitant for whatever reason you can definitely

 look forward to my new article that gives an unfiltered account of the last 7 months of

my blogging experience… It’s filled with stories of just the human aspect of blogging, it’s very real and packed with pure entertainment.

Finally, thank you so much for making it Mediocre to Mogul, I wish you a happy day and a fearless year.  Sayonara

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