Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

5 bomb ways for you to have an epic summer 2018 [for everyone]

5 bomb ways for you to have an epic summer 2018 [for everyone]

How to have an epic summer


Chapter v

How to have an epic summer

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Welcome back to another week of Mediocre to Mogul and this

week we are discussing the various ways you can have the most productive and creative summer ever. Let’s get into it.


Have an epic summer

Learn a language

Maybe 5 or 3 or 2 years ago all of a sudden you had an impulse to learn a language.

Maybe it was French, Latin, German, Spanish or Hebrew. Whichever now is the best time to start.

Learning a new language is quite beneficial as it can increase your cognitive skills, studies have

shown that people who know more than one language are less likely to experience memory loss source.

Now would be a great time to strike some things off your to-do list and learning a language is definitely one of them.

“But it’s hard” no, not really, you have everything you need to learn a new language at your disposal.

Personally, I use Duolingo (that’s an app) to learn French and German. I also learn French with Alexa who is on youtube.

These two resources really make you comfortable to get loose and learn something new.

Have an epic summer

Learn a skill

Can I tell you that learning a skill is one of the best self-development things you can ever give yourself?

I mean maybe you’re a person who loves to cook, sew, crochet, comb hair the list goes on and on.

Take this precious two god given months and learn a skill. If you already have one, use this time to become a master at it.

Whatever you want to be good at, you get out there and be good at it.


Have an epic summer

Create a business

Start a business that can generate an income.

This ties into the skilled point. Say you are good at a particular thing, like you are a god at crotchet

or fixing computers or coding or whatever, now is the perfect time to get out there and offer up your services

The good thing about this is, you are doing something you love so it doesn’t feel like work.

Maybe your good at doing makeup, do some small time freelancing. I mean you have people in the world like me

who don’t even know how to put on mascara. Another idea is, if you are good at sewing and you have a lot of old clothes,

you can easily upcycle the materials and turn them into trendy bikinis and sell them in your community.

Here’s a great video by the crafterpreneur for you to learn how to make a bikini

Maybe you want to learn how to start a blog so you can unleash your creativity and profit from it. If so then you must

visit my latest article on How to start a blog to get you started on your very own blog.


How to start a blog on a $20 budget to have an epic summer

Have an epic summer

Start a course or read a lot.

Perhaps if you’re like me, throughout the years you put a lot of books in your Kindle store and Wattpad library

and you say to your self ‘I’m definitely going to read this.’ But… Months later.. Still in your library, still as untouched as

the day you bought it. Well, let’s fix that let’s take these two months to get educated.

Let’s Expand our vocabulary. Take some courses and expand our knowledge on world issue, politics,

Donald Trump, literature, the ancient world, the renaissance, whatever it is your interested in, we bout to do this.

Have an epic summer

Make those muscles burn

I know, I know, this is definitely a not a fan favourite.

Question: “Aren’t you tired of always wanting to get fit for the summer but never ever actually?” Yeah, Me too.

Let’s fix that. A few weeks ago I started exercising.

I was going in on those abb exercises, it got to a point

where I didn’t even realize its been a week of me exercising.

when I did realize I exercised for a whole week I felt like I could eat the entire Mcdonalds franchise and still be healthy.

I was so proud of myself …but then I stopped… yep… I stopped.

OH before I forget Fitness blender is the I love them so much

they make working out seem fun and relatable.

Not to mention the variety of exercises they have available for just anyone to do. 

However I ain’t no quitter so I started again …but then I stopped…

The worst part about that is I quickly saw my progress

vanish more and more every day I looked in the mirror… It was horrible.

Now you must be wondering “Did you at least see any changes” Well quite a number of changes actually.

The third vertebra in my neck above my shoulder started hurting me, my face hurt, my back hurt my eyes started to

hurt my, biceps and triceps were under fire

oh and I started seeing a bit of abb. So the moral of this story is don’t be

like me NEVER STOP EXERCISING. Here is an interesting article by life on the value of staying consistent.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re having a fantastic productive and epic summer. You can view my last blog post. If you like this post remember to share it on your social media platforms and subscribble for updates, giveaways and much more. Until next time, Auf wiedersehen.


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