Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth

How to start a blog on a $20 budget

How to start a blog on a $20 budget

Chapter IV

How to start a blog


Hello, Welcome back to another fantastic week of Mediocre to Mogul and today we are learning how to start a blog.

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“Amoy, how to start a blog post are all over the internet so why are you doing one?”

Yeah there is quite a number of these post on the internet and I have read a lot of them and I believe I can improve upon them.

Not with words but with tons of videos.

When I was learning to start my blog I watched a whole lot of videos and read a lot fewer words because

learning to start a blog is both a visual and auditory process, believe me.

Therefore, there are a number of the key videos I sat and watched that is going to help you create your dream blog. Let’s get into it!

Hold on a sec Quick question, Do you know the reason why you want to start a blog? The real reason? Not the reason you tell yourself. Not the reason you think

people would like to hear (not the world peace answer) but the reason that made you click on this post.

The reason that’s about to make you read over 500 words right now.

That’s to start a blog is very visual that’s I’m saturating this post with a lot of the videos I watched that helped me to kickstart this blog. So let’s get into it.


Now if you have that reason lets begin


Arm yourself with a niche



“What’s a niche?”


I’m glad you asked


A niche is a category or market space you’re going to create content about in so maybe your going

to start a food blog food is then your niche maybe your going to start a

hair blog hair is your niche maybe your going to write techy content then tech is then your niche.

Word of advice

Niche down if possible. For example, you want to blog about tech but tech is such a broad niche that encompass a lot of categories.

Therefore, niche down and find an area that readers would gravitate towards and you are comfortable writing about. For example,

doing reviews on the major tech companies in the world and their product quality etc.

Establishing a niche within a niche helps to define your audience and establish loyal readers of your content.

However, in the initial stages of your blog, you may want to write about different topics within your niche.

This is to see which articles your audience gravitate towards. After that discovery period, create more of that type of content.

Word of advice again

If you’re just learning to start a blog don’t go all out and do a nicheless blog, find a niche gain some experience and

then start a nicheless blog because most blogs that cover a lot of topics have a team of

bloggers behind them to continuously write edit and publish content. However,

if you’re a solopreneur or a solo blogger definitely start within a niche and gain some experience in blogging. An example of a nicheless blog would be BuzzFeed

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Small tip to help you find a niche.

Think about a problem you want to solve or give solutions for.

If you realize a lot of the most popular content on the internet is ‘How to’ post ‘How to drink water’ 

‘How to lie on the ground’ ‘How to freeze ice in an ice tray’. Thus try to solve a problem.

Here are some videos to help you define your niche:





Whats Yah Domain name?


Find a domain starting at $0.48

powered by Namecheap


My friend, you’re going to need a good domain name 100%more than you need oxygen to survive in the blogging world.

A domain name is a name people use to find your website on the internet

For example, if your trying to find my blog you would type in because that’s my domain name.

Now domain names aren’t expensive they are just difficult to come up with so to find out if your domain name is available you can visit and search for your domain name availability. Or just search in the box above.

Get your own address on the web with Namecheap. Register your domain now at prices starting at $3.98/year

Purchase your domain name long before you start your blog, the minute a domain name pops up in your beautiful mind run over to

Namecheap and check its availability and purchase it if it’s available. Why wait? At least one other person came up with that name or is about to so beat them to it by securing it.


You can definitely purchase your domain name now at Namecheap even if you’re not starting your blog now.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

Quick tip

your actual name can be your domain name.

Example Sandra


Get a landlord!


Yep, you’re going to need a web host Basically a website acts as a landlord you rent a space from them so that people can stop

by and visit you. Of course, you have to pay them and most web hosts take yearly payments.

There is a lot of web host out there so it might get a bit confusing to choose. Personally, I went with GoDaddy to host my blog because they are a reliable

web host that is as good as the completion and offered me a way more affordable price for hosting, Imagine that.

I cant make this up, on one web host my hosting price came up to $296 and another came up to $198 and just when I was about to give up

I went on GoDaddy for my only domain name and realize they did hosting as well and

I Kid you not my domain and hosting came up to twenty-one unbelievable dollars ($21) in all.

Namecheap is another really great option if you want to start your blog on a budget they offer domain names as low as $0.88.

Domain Names for $0.88 with Namecheap

If you want to explore more options here is a list of the top performing web host


Here are the best videos I watched:

Website learner



When you have started your blog and you want to create your own digital product Send owl is a platform that allows you to market your very own digital product. So check it out here!




Tyler Moore 

A blogging platform provides a service for you to publish your content on

For example WordPress

WordPress is the largest blogging platform with 409 million viewing WordPress blogs monthly.

Raking in 23.1billion page views monthly and 30% of the top 10 million websites globally uses

WordPress. Thus If you want reliable then go with something that powers 75 million blogs. For more stats on visit

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You can design your blog before you get a domain and hostings. Heres how:

(Still get a domain registered so no one else can use that domain name.Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year).

That’s all for today folks

Disclosure: Above are some affiliate links that I will earn a compensation from at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase via my link or if you click through. 


course there are a lot more things to learn how to do but take a breather. I will post a next segment on this topic with other things to do. As always Thank you for stopping by a hope you liked or loved this post. If you did please leave a comment and or subscribe, both are free options. See you next time with a new article. Have a joy filled day and a blessed year, Tchau.


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