Journey to lifes wealth

Journey to lifes wealth


These are the resources that I truly love and admire because they have really helped me to express my creativity and bring my thoughts to life.


I know, I know its probably redundant to put this here because I am on the platform but truly I thank you WordPress for giving everyone including myself a place on the internet to express our crazy, unique helpful ideas.


Canva all the way!!  Canva 150%

Why Canva you ask?  Well, why not Canva. Personally i love when things are easy and simple to use to the point where no instruction mannual is needed and that for me is Canva. Coming into blogging I honestly thought the whole designing aspect of it was going to be the hard part but Canva made it easy straight from the jump. And, dont think because Im a blogger and recommending it that its only Just for bloggers NO no no Canva is for everryyybooodddy, Wedding planner instagramer, facebooker, photographer, lawyer, teacher

5 years later  

ebooker, youtuber


Stock Photos

Unsplash. com takes the  cake on this one

Like I said before  I love things that are simple and easy to use and with a just a  swift click of the mouse Booom you have downloaded a beautiful stock picture ….for free. What more could life offer??





Colour palette

Email serice

Mail chimp

Coming into blogging another email service was widely referrred to but i chose to go with mail chimp because this company understands that not every one is rich and can right of the batt afford to pay for an Email service. What i mean by this is they offered me a free service for my first 1000 subscribers way more than what other email servers were offering. SEE that’s some smart marketing right there. Thank you mail chimp:)